Owl Beanie

I'm not usually a trend follower, but I finally gave in to the owlish cuteness. I made this owl beanie from the tutorial by Emily at Toad's Treasures, featured here at How Does She? Now if it only weren't 86 degrees outside, my daughter might actually have a chance to wear it!

Differing from the tutorial, I made this out of a light fleece and clipped the eye circles into lashes to give the owl a feminine touch. The dark color is actually purple although the crummy photo doesn't really show it.

She says she likes it, but wouldn't give me a smile til I had her pose with her kitty (who promptly squirmed out of camera range, but at least I caught a little bit of a smile).

Now she says she wants a pink owl softie. I made a brown one last week from Toad's Treasures tutorial...
but now that she's seen the girly version of the owl concept, brown is out. Oh well, back to the sewing table! Although I think after 3 owly projects, I'm ready for the next thing. Anybody know what the next theme trend will be? I'm voting for jellyfish.

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