Spring Stripe Shorts

Although spring has barely sprung in our neck of the woods, I'm feeling like summer. So I've been sewing up light shorts for my daughter and experimenting with sweet cotton bloomers for beneath her summer skirts. The bloomers are still in the prototype stage, but here are some shorts that were simple to put together and in size 3, took less than a fat quarter's worth of fabric.

I didn't bother finding a pattern, just laid a pair of shorts that fits her on the fold of the fabric and cut around it with a generous .5" seam allowance.
There are some really great tutorials on how to construct pants and shorts out there... I learned how to do it online, at other mama's blogs! So I'm not making this into a tute,  if you Google "kids pants tutorial" you will be amazed at how much information is out there, and later on you will be amazed how completely easy this is once you do it a time or two.

 Stripes just don't photograph well, do they?

But apparently they are good for playing on the patio...

and climbing "trees" (shhh, don't tell her they're just shrubbery!)

 My thirty seconds of cooperation by my lovely model is over - bye!