Sewing Dortje

Started a new pattern today, Farbenmix's adorable trouser "Dortje". This pattern can be found in the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love, as well as individually on the Farbenmix site. This being my first attempt at both using a "real" pattern, and making pants from woven fabric rather than knit, of course I bypassed all the simple options for the pattern and dove into the pieced option with cute gathers on the lower leg.

So far I have the front and back pockets completed. The color theme is basically pink and brown. I have some embellishments in pink to use along the way; for my daughter, the more pink, the better!

Starting this project represents a break from my favorite pattern lately, the easy hoodie pattern at Lil Blue Boo. I whipped one up in purple and pink Sunday morning for my daughter to wear at the kid's afternoon with Grandma. But it's time to make some progress on other things, this has been cut and waiting for a few weeks, and I have a whole list of Christmas presents to make as well. What are you sewing this week?

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