Win a Bosch Mixer!

Since my old Black & Decker food processor just bit the dust, I'm scoping out applicances - and found that Deals To Meals is having a giveaway this month for a Bosh mixer. Do I need to list the reasons you'd want a Bosch? I didn't think so!

If you aren't familiar with Deals To Meals, they are a really cool site that does comparisons of grocery prices for you, so you can get the best prices as you work on your monthly grocery list or your food storage needs. Members have access to the information about all the deals and sales in their area that are better than Sam's Club or Costco prices. They also have meal plans to help you stay organized and use your food storage so you can be sure to "store what you eat, eat what you store".

To enter, just put their button on your blog or post an entry on your blog about them... if you have no blog, there are other ways too... follow the instructions given in their giveaway post.

Click here to see giveaway & enter!

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